After the tour

So, this is what happened. Jarda and Vasek went to the camp earlier and they were spared from this cultural achievement. (see picture) Näinhän siinä sitten kävi. Jarda ja Vasek menivät jo edeltä leiriin ja säästyivät tältä kulttuuriteolta. (katso kuva)

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Constantem decorat honor (part II)

Jaroslav’s fever, Michal’s stomach bug and IV drip, being cold on Mont Ventoux and the thunderstorm on Annecy. These are the constants without which the honor would be milder. It is better not to think or prepare too much beforehand the journey. Success feels much better when you norice that you can overcome any obstacle. […]

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Constantem decorat honor

Champs Elysées was partly closed from traffic. This hasn’t happened earlier before the tour’s last day. We kicked slowly towards the Arc de Triomphe. We went once around in the roundabout. Then we did a lot of things: took pictures, hugged, drank champagne and more. Now we are sitting in the middle of the street […]

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State 20 – Farewell to the mountains

Sorry readers for the late report. Yesterday, we drank white wine, specifically kir, with Hans Christian. The good part of Kickbiking is that you meet a lot of real and honest people. Those who wear a mask do not like young people laughing at them… There was a feeling of departure. Start at 10 A.M, […]

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Stage 19 – The King of the stages (part II)

During our late night dinner we are having rice, vegetables and meat, but Jan next to me is enjoying chocolate cake with vanilla pudding. I will do the same, it seems like a good energy dose. Our speed increased the whole day. Expecially when three very promising Tzech juniors: Michal, Jakub, Tomas joined us. It seems […]

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Stage 19 – The King of the stages

We are at lunch break in the King of the stages, we have passed Glandon and Madeleine. There was some morning stiffness during Glandon, but Madeleine went very nicely. This tour has been good for my legs, because in the first days the defining line between kicking up or walking up was at 6 percent, now […]

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Stage 18 – Alpe d’Huez

We had been looking forward to and we have great respect for this stage. Since tomorrow’s stage is the hardest of this year’s Tour, we prepared by setting the alarm at 4 A.m. We were joined by Hannu, Guido and Tomas. Hans Christian returned from vacation to our support team and Hannu’s support team, Miia, helped […]

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Stage 17 – Time trial

More to come later…

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Stage 16 – Easy 165 km, relaxed feelings

Today we came from the dry mountains terrains of Provence to more green terrain of Alpes. This borderline could be really sharp at Col de Izoard, which southern part is dry and northern part is green. Now we came from the Col du Macueg, where the line is more unobtrusive. There was Tchez reporter with […]

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Stage 15 – Mont Ventoux – Ce n’est pas Ventoux (part II)

The title refers to the fact that there was no wind at the summit. Usually Ventoux is very windy, but now we didn’t need to hold on with both hands. We could sit down relaxed. Now, the whole team is going to sleep with good health. All the other team members shortened the gap to […]

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