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Stage 15 – Mont Ventoux – Ce n’est pas Ventoux (part I)

Damn, I was really hungry, and it was quite cold, too. So, we ordered hot dogs and french fries from one of those moving kiosks on Ventoux. Hot dog was half a french bread with a big sausage inside. That was good. Then we walked to the summit and now we go to the camp, […]

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Stage 14 – Kick Forrest Kick – Olympique Lyonnais

At lunch break we were at the 102 km mark above the northern part of Massif Central. The day was quite filled with hills. I was looking forward to this day. Beautiful region after all those fields. Morning was typical. We raced with Zimovcak. Three Czechs joined us after about 50 km. They will kick […]

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Stage 13 – Today our Kickbikes rode easy

I think that yesterday’s fatigue was of due to the rest day. And we didn’t have any supporters on the road, too. Today our Kickbikes rode easy and we even took a coffee break during the ride, too. This morning was cloudy and cool and it was good for me. But these Middle European people […]

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Stage 12 – Boring one

Today the whole group was tired. Maybe it was yesterday’s rest or the muggy weather that made us sleepy and caused the kicking to feel heavy. Today’s stage was almost flat and easy. There should have been a couple nice castles, but we didn’t see them. Instead we saw dirty industrial areas and suburbs of […]

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Stage 11 – Mont Saint Michel

Today was 36 km time trial, mostly light downhills and tailwinds. It was an easy day for me, because Jarda has big blisters in his foot, so he can’t kick hard. Finish was at the famous monastery island in Mont Saint Michel. I and Michael went to walk there with Kickbike in the middle of […]

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At times kicking is hard, at times it is easy

After the Pyrenees, today’s 200 km in light crosswind through the beautiful countryside in Bretagne feels like a holiday. The weather forecast promises sunshine for the whole week. Persons from the left in coffee break photo. Cesky rozhlas radio’s reporter Vasek Jarda Honza George – local cyclist Marie – local Kickbiker Paja – support team […]

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Rest day – Lepopäivä

Sooooo, one rest day does wonders! I do not know how my legs will feel, yet, I’ll see tomorrow. We checked the weather forecast. About 30 degrees celsius for the whole week, sunny and strong wind from the north east. The wind should fade as we move towards the Alps. On Monday we will push […]

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Stage 9 – second part

We almost fell asleep when riding! I felt a deja vu: had the same feelings as in adventure races. We finished stage 9 at 2:45 AM and our average speed was just over 10 km/h. This pace doesn’t even kill a sick man. Now the Pyrenees are done ja now it is time for a […]

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Stage 9 – Real mountain passes in the Pyrenees

Today we have a real mountain route in the Pyrenees. Five mountain passes, three done and now we have lunch break. In the afternoon we will go uphill a little faster, because next harder mountain stages are a week away. It will be tomorrow before we are finished! Etappi 9 – Kunnon vuoristoa Pyreneillä Tänään […]

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Stage 8 – continues

We descended slowly to the Ax les Thermes. Rene, Vasek and Jarda went up the hill. Michal got IV drip. Alpo and Jan stayed to wait for Michal. To this Jan said: So this is Tour de France. After today’s stage, we have one hundred kilometer drive to tomorrows stage. And there are plenty of […]

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