Alpo’s Bio

5_5052e93e790b0_alpoAlpo Kuusisto

Born 1974

Scooter biography

Won Hannu Vierikko -95, kicked La Marmotte -00, Paris Brest Paris -03. About 100 Alpine passes kicked. One time world champion, 2 world records. Considered Kick Tour de France years ago, but discarded it as impossible!

Other sports biography

Orienteering in junior class to national team. After that, some volleyball, running, snowshoing, biking and adventure racing, but mostly trekking, kayaking, skating and skiing long distances for fun.

Other info

No specific profession, jack of all trades. Number of children counted: 1, almost married. Fan of popular science, deep forests and Bill Mason.


“A pessimist thinks things can’t be worse. An optimist knows they can. “